Hello there! We are Indigoclusters

For one thing, we are a Jeans-maker, but we also provide you things you can timelessly wear with denim such as Awesome Tees, Forever-have Tops, and Great Jackets.

We have 3 brands – Our line for women channels 'Miyoshi Josei', premium collection for the ladies. 'Miyoshi Jeans' aiming to young chic contemporary ladies - was launched celebrating unique Japanese style and adding a touch of tough street wear elements. The Indigocluster’s youngest and most ambitious project ‘Bushido Jeans’, exploring unique and vintage Menswear.

We exist to provide you with high profile denim, enrich by worldwide detail inspiration and authentic washing that could only come from The Indigocluster’s Kitchen.

More about our Brands

- Miyoshi Josei

Women’s fashionable denim inspired by Cosmopolitan lifestyle –to stay chic at home, taking the kids for shopping, or going to concert after work with friends.

- Miyoshi Jeans

Crafted to fulfill the young girls’ need to always look trendy, outstanding, yet feel comfortable during the class and after class activities.

- Bushido Jeans

Bushido Jeans is an ambitious, men's denim project that draws inspiration from European and Japanese denim aesthetics. A true stylish collection is provided for gentlemen with class who master the Dress to Impress code, covers a large scale from semi-formal to ‘let’s get your car fixed’ outfits.