Why Us?

Only Indigoclusters can present denim you could rely on to take you through the day and further. By staying true to our promise, where every detail counts, we crafted lasting, premium piece of blue with an affordable price and a perfect fit that leaves nothing to ask, a fit designed for you.

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How to sign up to Indigoclusters.com?

You may register to Indigoclusters.com by clicking ‘Login/Register’ at the top right corner of our website. Some personal information is required for your Indigoclusters account.

How to log in to Indigoclusters.com? 

You can enter your registered email account along with your password to indigoclusters.com.
If there’s any problem in logging in you can contact our customer support at info@indigoclusters.com 

Place an Order

How to create an Order?

You can choose your order by clicking ‘shop now’ besides the product picture, which automatically will be added to your shopping cart. You can keep shopping by dragging and clicking ‘qty’ column. Complete your delivery details once finished shopping and continue to ‘Shipment Method’ and ‘Payment Terms’.

How to use Voucher?

You can use voucher from shopping cart during your transaction.

  1. Open Shopping Cart page
  2. Insert the Voucher code you have from your Email account (pay attention to the capitalization)
  3. Ensure the Voucher Code is correct before clicking ‘Submit Code’.
  4. Click Proceed to checkout to continue to the next page
  5. Your payment nominal will be automatically deducted or discounted according to your voucher amount

What if the voucher code is invalid/incorrect?

Please contact our Customer Service

Where can I get information of the latest promo?

You can check it on our Home or subscribing our newsletter

Is it possible to refund the voucher if I cancel my order?

It is not. Submitted Voucher Code is not refundable if you cancel your order

Payment Terms

What kinds of Payment is accepted by Indigoclusters.com?

We accept 2 kinds of Payment Method, they are:

  • Bank Transfer- Allow you to transfer through our BCA Account
    Bank account will be informed after you finished shopping and sent over through a confirmation mail.
  • Credit Card ( Visa/ MasterCard)

Do I need to submit a Payment Confirmation after I transfer to Indigo cluster’s account and How?

You can submit the Payment Confirmation here

Here, I choose to pay through Bank Transfer, How to proceed it?

You just need to transfer to our BCA Account with below details:

Bank a/c: 145-308999-5

Bank a/c: 070-0007021061

Your order will be proceed after the payment received. If the payment is not received within 1x24 hours, your order will be automatically aborted.

Is it safe to do the transaction by using Credit card here in IndigoClusters?

We take your online order very seriously. Personal and payment information is safe and no data sent over without any encryption. Protecting your information is our highest priority.

My credit card details is not authorized. What do I do?

Please contact your card company to clarify your current status of your card.

Has the price shown on your web include the tax?

Yes it has. All prices shown on Indigoclusters.com is including tax.

Return and Refund 

How long can I return an item?

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you may return unused articles within 7 days of receipt.

How do I return my order?

  • Please contact our Customer Service (info@indigoclusters.com)
  • We will send you a returning form through email, pls fill in all required field and attach it to your package. Follow below address:

    PT. Mitra Dinamika Sejati
    Wisma Argo Manunggal,15th floor
    Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto kav. 22
    12930 Indonesia
  • Once we receive your returned items, all goods will be inspected. Articles must be returned undamaged and the original labels must be attached. Any item in unsuitable condition will be rejected.
  • Inspection will take 5 working days max from receipt
  • You will keep receive an update from our customer service regarding your returned items, otherwise please contact us if you don’t receive any.
  • If we found any rejects on the item, we will offer you refund or we will give you the new one (same article).
  • Since we are not responsible for any items that sent in error, we recommend using a postal service that insures the value of the returned products and provide a tracking number. 

Who will be in charge for returning cost?

Returning cost for any damaged / unused items will be at our expenses

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